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SEO KANG-JOON is a 25 years old (born-october 12, 1993) south korean actor, singer, member of 5prise( a south korean actor group by fantagio in 2013) with four other actors Gong Myung, Yoo Il, Kang Tae-oh and Lee Tae-hwan.he is famous for his performance in television series like
Cheese in the trap(2016), Entourage(2013), Are you human?(2018), The third charm(2018).


His early appearance was as a supporting character in the SBS’ The Suspicious housekeeper. His first major appearance was in a television series, Cunning Single Lady, a romantic comedy series in 2014. in the same year he received the best new actor award at th 7th Korean drama awards. after that he had appeared in many television series like my love(2014), what happens to my family?(2014-15), summer snow(2015), roommate(2014) and My love my bride(2014) also appeared in Law of The Jungle(2014)
Before making his debut he has also appeared in music videos of the of bands and artists like ‘Hello Venus’ and Ailee.

form 2012 he has made appearence in
2012- To the beautiful you
2013- After school life or not
Good Doctor
The suspicious housekeeper
2014 – Cunning Single Lady
What Happens to My Family?
The Best Future
2015 – Splendid Politics
Ah-rin’s older brother
2016 – Cheese in the Trap
2017 Idol Fever
2018 Are You Human?


Seo Kang Joon was born on 12th October, 1993 in Gunpo, Gyeonggi Province of South Korea he had one elder sister, interested ion acting from a very young age he did not receive any significant response from his parents when he disclosed his dream of becoming an actor there was no opposition from his family but in order to manage his own expenses. He used to sleep in house but all the other expenses were managed my himself.

SEO has been a musician since the age of eight he has been learning piano and he continued that for the next seven years. At 17 he was sent to study in Epho international school of Malaysia, he has been there as an international student for 17 months. Earlier non-happy with this but afterwards he thanked his parents for letting him have some amazing experiences. He then studied performing arts at the Dong Seoul college.


He has received the best new actor award in the 7th Korean drama awards for his role in “cunning single lady” H e also got the hot star award in the 8th Korean drama for his role in “splendid politics”, In 2016 he received the Best entertainer award, actor at the !st Asian artist awards for his role in “cheese in the trap”. He also received Best Icon Award, Actor at 2nd Asia artist award. He has also been nominated for his work in “Cheese in the trap”, “roommate”,”what happens to my family?”


There is not much information about his personal life and past relationships.

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